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What Is Dyslexia and How Is It Treated?

Lew McGinnis

Experienced real estate investor Lew McGinnis has a great passion for reading, and has spent a significant portion of his life tutoring young people in literacy. As a child Lew McGinnis dealt with dyslexia, a condition which makes it more difficult to read, and he has worked hard to help children with reading comprehension issues develop both the necessary skills and the belief in themselves required to read well.

Dyslexia is one of the most misunderstood learning disabilities. A dyslexic student's brain uses different areas of the brain for language processing than those of a student without dyslexia, which leads to reduced efficiency and slow, difficult reading. This manifests in a difficulty recognizing phonemes, which are the basic sounds of speech represented by specific letters. This difficulty with association goes both ways, making it harder to connect spoken and written language with one another in either direction, and reduces reading comprehension.
Dyslexia manifests differently in many people, so techniques for mitigating its effects vary. Some students record lectures rather than attempting to take notes, while others are best helped by direct support in learning speech sounds in words. While developing these skills, students with dyslexia are often given more time to complete assignments or take tests due to these difficulties.

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