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The Benefits of Tutoring

Lew McGinnis

Real estate investor and entrepreneur Lew McGinnis has shared his life's successes with many charitable groups and organizations, and at periods in his life has devoted nearly half of his productive time to charitable activity. One such endeavor Lew McGinnis has been involved with for a long time is tutoring children who do not know how to read or cannot read well, motivated by his strong belief that reading is foundational to success.

While the subject of material comprehension is the benefit of tutoring most commonly focused on, the process provides the recipients with several other benefits as well. Tutored students perform higher on standardized tests in mathematics and language arts, and achieve more consistent school attendance than those who do not receive tutoring. These students also report increased confidence and more positive feelings about education on the whole, enabling them to pursue their dreams with additional vigor.

Tutoring meets the specific needs of each student, unlike most classroom instruction. It can improve student work habits and reduce the temptation to get off-task during one's studies, as the tutor can serve as a guide and help the student to stay focused. In the long run, working with a tutor enhances a student's ability to direct his or her own learning, and the extended contact with others improves social skills as well.

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