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How People in Prison and Christians Benefit from Prison Ministries

Lew McGinnis

Based in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma, Lew McGinnis is a real estate investor and a self-made businessman. A supporter of the Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministry, Lew McGinnis actively takes part in prison ministries.

Prison ministries benefit the people who are incarcerated as well as the volunteers who serve them. For the people behind bars, the ministry allows them an opportunity to listen to God’s word and find spiritual hope and forgiveness. Many of these people have not gone to church in years and are thirsty for God’s Word. While they have made mistakes in the past, they are not ready to give up and many actually want to turn their lives around. They find spiritual healing through God’s Word and, for those who convert, a new life in Christ. The Gospel also brings them together as a community, allowing them to support each other in difficult times.

Volunteers also benefit from prison ministry work. They are able to reach out to others who feel trapped physically and emotionally, and liberate them through the Word of God. They also get an opportunity to spread the Gospel and reach out to those who are lost, as Christ Himself commanded His disciples to do. Through initiatives like prison visits and letter exchanges with inmates, Christians in the outside world get to interact with those in prison, creating a trusting, solid community of believers.

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