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Exodus House Offers Temporary Housing to Ex-Offenders

Lew McGinnis

Lew McGinnis possesses more than five decades of experience as a real estate investor. Beyond his professional pursuits, Lew McGinnis serves as the finance chairman of the Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministry (CJAMM). The organization focuses on breaking generational cycles of incarceration through programs such as the Exodus House.

A crucial component of CJAMM’s vision, the Exodus House offers temporary residential housing for individuals upon their release from incarceration. The six-month program creates individualized plans for each resident and provides ex-offenders with a nurturing, healthy, and accountable environment in which to start their new lives. Residents stay in small apartment complexes after their release from incarceration and may invite family members to live with them.
Apartment units come fully furnished at no cost to program participants, complete with bed linens, furniture, and cooking utensils. However, residents are responsible for paying their own electric bills. After completing the program, residents may take all the apartment's furniture and household goods with them to their new residence. Eligible applicants include individuals still in the custody of the state's department of corrections.

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