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Exodus House Assists Former Prison Inmates

Lew McGinnis

With decades of experience in real estate investing, Lew McGinnis a real estate investor in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma. A dedicated philanthropist, Lew McGinnis has contributed as much as half of his time throughout his career to organizations such as Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministries (CJAMM).

Founded to help stop cycles of incarceration, CJAMM supports former prison inmates and their families, assisting them with reintegration into society. As part of these efforts, the organization manages the Exodus House.

A temporary residence, the Exodus House offers people who have just left prison a place to stay for six months free of rent along with their families or with another person. Residents stay in a furnished apartment and pay only for their electric usage. When they graduate from the program, they can take the household goods and furniture with them to help them establish a new life. To date, very few of those who have completed the Exodus House program have returned to prison.

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