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Arizona Opera Company Trains Studio Artists

Lew McGinnis

An entrepreneur from a young age, Lew McGinnis has several decades of experience in the real estate industry working with multi-family properties and apartment complexes across the nation. Alongside his career, Lew McGinnis has served on the board of several organizations, including the Arizona Opera Company.

Originally known as the Tucson Opera Company at its founding in 1971, the Arizona Opera seeks to build community through the presentation of a diverse range of artistic works, from operas to cooperative projects. The company also offers training opportunities for developing artists through its Marion Roose Pullin Arizona Opera Studio.
Studio artists come from a variety of backgrounds to Arizona Opera to receive personal instruction that helps them take the leap from a college education to a career as a professional opera singer. These students also have the opportunity to perform in the company's productions throughout the year.
To offer these studio artists residence and stipends, Arizona Opera relies on the generosity of sponsors. As a gesture of thanks to those who sponsor the studio artists, the company provides them with special opportunities, such as admission to private events and performances at the studio.

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