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25th Annual Desert Museum Gala - Anniversaries in Bloom

Lew McGinnis

An entrepreneur from a young age, Lew McGinnis achieved success in a variety of sectors, including used car sales and real estate. Away from his professional responsibilities, Lew McGinnis has held the role of director at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Foundation.

One of the country’s top museums and the most popular attraction in Tucson, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum seeks to motivate people to live harmonious lives with nature. The 98-acre property brings together an art gallery, a botanical garden, a museum of natural history, and a zoo, facilitating the understanding and accessibility of the Sonora Desert and enhancing its value in the public’s eyes.
To support its conservation efforts and other programs, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum hosts an annual gala. The 25th Annual Desert Museum Gala, titled Anniversaries in Bloom, will take place on Sunday, April 29, 2018, beginning at 4 p.m.
A festive event, the gala will showcase some spectacular foods, live music, auctions, and animal ambassadors. For more information about the event or other opportunities to support the museum, visit

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